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Marching Forward-By Brenda-Ms. Martin, If You’re Nasty!

The recent Women’s March on Washington  (Left Photo) – which included men, women and children- was categorized by some as, “one of the largest and most significant demonstrations for social justice in America’s 240-year history.”   Taking It to the Streets … Continue reading

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Dr. Pruitt in Kentucky adopts TV Frasier’s, “I’m Listening”

Education Town Hall with Education Commissioner Dr. Stephen Pruitt at KEDC in Ashland during his eleven schools tour: “How does Kentucky define school success?  “This listening tour will be an opportunity for all education shareholders to provide input to the Kentucky Department … Continue reading

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Performance Based Funding & Cuts for Higher Education

Approximately, Thirty-two states use Performance Based Funding for higher education which means they have a funding formula or policy in place to allocate a portion of funding based on performance indicators such as course completion, time to degree, transfer rates, the … Continue reading

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Title I: Parent, Family, Community Engagement

“The name of the game is showing that mastery and achievement are the ways forward, because everyone has different skills and abilities and because there isn’t one single path to success, everyone can get there.” Continue reading

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Social Media

Social Media!  Well some of you might still be wondering just what is Social Media?” Social Media is generally defined as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”  Some of … Continue reading

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Walmart Assault Weapons Protest Gains Momentum As Hundreds Of Thousands Demand Action

Some commenters on this article which appeals to Walmart to stop selling Assault Weapons, suggest that children should not be used to speak about their dislike of guns.  Children have Rights too! They have a right to their opinions, a … Continue reading

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Hate Crimes vs America

Thank you Pastor Otis Moss, III for this well articulated message against hate crimes as you also issue our call for advocacy! Much education and enforcement are still needed regarding hate crimes in our country! In the 2010 FBI report … Continue reading

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Chicago Schools Strike: Where To Send CPS Students

I am grateful for great teachers and plans for alternative outlets for our Precious children. I grew up in CPS and offer Advocacy there also. I’ve expressed concern over the level of Proficient students in many urban schools, short school … Continue reading

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